Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pretty and Pink

This is Valarie, we were shopping for Relief Society and somehow dropped into a department store. Of course we had to try the hats. This one was made for her.  Isn't she darling!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scoot - Scoot Boogie!

Okay, so I'm slow!  But don't you love this picture of Bart!  
I snapped this while following him up to St Georges last fall. 
Nothing like the Bermuda SUN to whiten things up as they dry.

Mowing the lawn in Bermuda ; )

Teeny, Tiny Gas Station ; )

I love, love this tiny little gas station / quick stop!  You might have noticed the back is right on the water. They gas cars in front and boats off the back! SWEET!

Unique Names

Upon arriving here in Bermuda a lady asked me what she could do to help us get settled.  I confessed it was hard to pronounce some names, if she could only help me with that it would be wonderful.  
Her reply, "Good luck, they make um up!" 

Grams Braggin


'Lil' Lucy, she is our newest little granddaughter. Love the hair-do!   Aidan (isn't he soooo good looking) is sporting a new hair-do too!

Another SIGN

What does this mean to you? Interesting address!

Turkey Hill

I'm easily amused by the creative street names!

Here and There


I sometimes start thinking of home and become a bit homesick.  Then all it takes is a picture like the one above, the THERE picture to realize how nice it is to be HERE!

We are going to enjoy our time HERE in such a beautiful place, then we will go THERE and appreciate the beauties of winter.  But until then, sunny, green, ocean blue is just dandy!