Friday, June 29, 2012

A Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Mothers day comes with such mixed feelings.  Your happy to be acknowledged, so grateful to be a mom, full of love for each of her kids; but there is always that lingering question out there, "Did I do enough, did I love, teach, give my all so they might be safe and happy?".  This year I was expecting a quiet Mothers Day and was surprised when Roz and Rich told us they were coming to visit and would be here for Mothers Day!   YEAH!  Did I tell you how blessed I am to BE a Mom.  Our time together was sweet and precious and of course loads of fun!  It was good to see Rich and Roz relax from life even for a moment.  Thanks you two for coming! 

Grotto Bay Cave
Jobsons Cove
Guide showing Roz and Rich the turtles
Dad and Rich enjoying breakfast at the "Fairmont South Hampton Hotel"
Enjoying the beach and new friends ; )
Elder Perry and Elder Usenov enjoying a a bit of sun on P day with all of us
View from the lighthouse
Mothers Day with Bermuda Branch Relief Society and Roz

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