Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer in Bermuda

Ah, summertime in Bermuda.....when the cherries are abundant and the men with machete's are pruning the foliage.

Folks here love these little treasures
This nice fellow let us take his picture, wish I had caught him in action

Aunt Emmy

There's something special when you have an Aunt that will love you in a pinch!  Roz and Richard came to visit us in Bermuda, while gone Gracie had a "Mothers Day Picnic" at school.  But "OOPS", no mom!  Who did she call?  Aunt Emmy ; )  Emily saved the day filling in for one terrific mom.

Grace and Aunt Emily

Celebrating the Queen

It isn't all that unusual to see a horse and buggy on the roads of Bermuda.  But a few weeks back while driving home we spotted this beautiful horse and carriage; the drivers in formal dress.  It had been in Hamilton for a celebration honoring the Queen of England.  Fun don't you think!