Friday, June 29, 2012

A Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Mothers day comes with such mixed feelings.  Your happy to be acknowledged, so grateful to be a mom, full of love for each of her kids; but there is always that lingering question out there, "Did I do enough, did I love, teach, give my all so they might be safe and happy?".  This year I was expecting a quiet Mothers Day and was surprised when Roz and Rich told us they were coming to visit and would be here for Mothers Day!   YEAH!  Did I tell you how blessed I am to BE a Mom.  Our time together was sweet and precious and of course loads of fun!  It was good to see Rich and Roz relax from life even for a moment.  Thanks you two for coming! 

Grotto Bay Cave
Jobsons Cove
Guide showing Roz and Rich the turtles
Dad and Rich enjoying breakfast at the "Fairmont South Hampton Hotel"
Enjoying the beach and new friends ; )
Elder Perry and Elder Usenov enjoying a a bit of sun on P day with all of us
View from the lighthouse
Mothers Day with Bermuda Branch Relief Society and Roz

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fathers Past & Present

I know that Fathers Day has come and gone, but not so with fatherhood.  We are eternally joined and what a blessing that is in our lives. Some have passed on, others we see daily, and some are busily involved being DADS.  None are perfect, but all are loved. Even though late, I must pay tribute to the many fathers in my life.

"It is a wise father who knows his child. 
But maybe it's a very wise child who takes time to know his father."

What questions I would ask if I only had moments again with both Grandfathers and my Dad!  It seems time was fleeting, then gone.  What I would give for a few more minutes.  
I miss them!

My Grandfather Phillips and my very young Dad
The 50's were great!

"Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes." 
Gloria Naylor
Grandpa Frank with Bart and Byron, priceless!
Collin, Dad and Benjamin ; )
I always said I would never marry a farmer, a short guy, and live in Idaho......I did all three. Lesson, never say never ; ) Instead I married a handsome intelligent man, who is dedicated, strong, loves his family and his God.  He works very hard at providing for us. He is funny and brave.  My heart goes to mush when I see him kneeling in prayer to our Father in Heaven. He is honest, true to God and would do anything for his children and grandchildren.  He is my BEST FRIEND.  I love you, Bart!
Dad and Collin in China
Ben and Dad with Téa

4th of July
Dad and Roz always share their "B" cake by having birthdays side by side ; )
 Go fish with Roz and Dad
Emily and Dad
 Dad and Em in Bermuda
To the young fathers in our family, thanks for the beautiful gift of grandchildren.  Thanks for loving and caring for your families. We love you each and everyone.

Collin and Josiah
On an adventure.
Then came Simon, robo baby
Webster family in China
Never too early ; )
Then came sweet little Lucy Éve, haven't snuggled this one yet.

Life's little miracle....
Téa, Ben, and Avery
"Now this is a family"
Fathers Day or everyday?
Little Toren Chief is the caboose

RICHARD (Roz's husband and friend ; )
Richard and Hailey
Dad is safety in a crowd ; )

 Rich and Grant, love Grants determination

Get the feeling they love their dad!

DAVID (Em's husband and friend ; )
Sweet little Henry
Proud of DAD!
Having fun
Hangin with Aidan
A common occurrence at the Francis', check out the smiles ; )
Ahhhh, now these two you notice are trying to fill the shoes of their fathers.  They will find their way with the help and love of dads who are giving their all.  Thanks to all the Fathers in our family.  We love you!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Francis' in Bermuda

I've been so anxious to post about the Francis' visiting us here in Bermuda.  We hadn't realized just how much we had been missing our family until some of them emerged from the Bermuda airport. It was a rush of tears, it was just so cool and surreal at the same time to see them standing in Bermuda. Every moment was a treasure, to watch them smile, play in the water, just to hang out, and of course to top it off, Henry's special day, his baptism! 
Emily was the first her smile!
The trick was packing luggage and all our bodies into the van!
They stayed at the Fairmont South Hampton, so we joined them the next morning for brunch.
The Mello-Cann family, the Francis', us, &  Elder Usenov at the church
Leaving church after watching General Conference
David and Henry at Jobson Cove where Henry was baptized
Isn't this a beautiful Baptismal font?
Rachel, Ruth, and Henry
David, Ethan, Aidan at the top of the lighthouse!
Bart and Aidan in the cave at Grotto Bay
Let me see, are they going to swim?
Aidan and Henry were brave enough to swim in the cold water ; )
Top of the stairs to Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach
Horseshoe Beach
Dad and Emily
Kite flying building and flying is tradition on Good Friday

Ferry ride to Hamilton
A visit to "Art and Mel" fish shop, for true Bermudian cuisine
The owner and family are members of the church.  This is a popular stop for many Bermudians.
Hmmmmm, Henry and a Hershey bar, go figure
Bermuda is full of ships everywhere
Heading to the airport
Goodbye from Bermuda, love you all!